Life is a balancing act.

Whether it’s family, career, finances, health or your environment, if even one of these is out of balance it can cause stress.

My coaching is based on the belief that relationships are an integral part of our lives. Relationships with your family, children, partners, co-workers and employers determine in large part the quality of our daily lives. Even our relationship to money, personal and job responsibilities can affect our lives.

The most important relationship is the one with ourselves.

Together we examine the current level of balance in your life and determine what relationships require the most attention. We develop through our conversations the actions needed to create both immediate and lasting change in a supportive, judgement free relationship.

For over 26 years I’ve been helping people learn new skills, gain control over their thinking, feelings and behaviors and remove obstacles and fears that get in the way of leading a happier life. I invite you to explore working together as the best solution for improving balance and accomplishment in your life. For your convenience, all sessions are by phone and are available for anyone living in the United States.

How would your life change if you could enjoy your relationships, be comfortable with yourself and reach your full potential? You are one step closer to making this happen.

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"Without hesitation, Dr. Dove is the best mentor, coach and life therapist in the business. Of all the psychologists I have experienced, Dr. Dove listened with her heart and administered the necessary tools to help me resolve conflicts, and exert an overall positive mindset, which ultimately strengthened my relationships. The support and encouragement Dr. Dove instilled in me was an invaluable resource I carry with me every day. Had it not been for her unwavering support, I would not have grown so much in both my personal and professional lives. I encourage every person to give coaching a chance, and whenever possible, with Dr. Dove. She will propel your life, just as she did mine."

Alex Z

"I contacted Dr. Dove over the phone at a time when I was experiencing high anxiety from my professional life as an entrepreneur. Dr. Dove helped set in motion a game plan that allowed me to deal with my anxiety on a more natural level and gave me the resources necessary to make appropriate business decisions. She coached me through severe anxiety during one of the most fearful times in my professional career, and with her help, I was able to establish a successful business and control my anxiety."

Anthony C

"Elaine is a remarkable human being. As my Life Coach, she is brilliant, experienced, intuitive, honest and compassionate. She seemed to immediately get a feel for me and my situation and expertly offered thoughts and suggestions to help. Her knowledge and experience is so strong and varied that it seems she can help with almost any issue one might have. Elaine's gentle yet firm style of coaching makes it easy to relate to her and admire her ways and expertise.

I am forever grateful to be working with her ."

Sherry, 9/18/19

"Dr. Dove has been an exceptional support for our family. I am writing to give her my highest recommendation. Dr. Dove did an amazing job identifying and sorting out all the complex issues. Dr. Dove's wisdom and supportive advice was life-changing."

Karen B

"Elaine has been an excellent life coach. She has the ability to get right to the heart of the problem so that we can get working on solutions quickly. We've made a lot of progress in such a short time. I'm so thankful that I found her."

Linda 10/19